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A recent census uncovered a pressing issue in Ravalli County – only 42% of families with children aged 6 and under, and 25% with children 2 and under, have adequate childcare. This shortage not only impacts workforce participation but demands community-wide attention. We invite you to be a part of the solution.

Join the Bitterroot Childcare Coalition (BCC) and help shape the future. Your participation is crucial. Contribute your insights through our survey and join us at our meetings, where diverse perspectives come together to strategize solutions for this critical issue affecting our families and local economy. Collaboratively, we can ensure a better-supported Bitterroot Valley. Change starts with us, and together, we can make a difference. Join BCC, meeting every two months – your community needs your voice.

Bitterroot Childcare Coalition

The Bitterroot Childcare Coalition, initiated by the Bitterroot Early Learning Network, aims to enhance childcare options in the community. Launched in August 2023, its mission is to build capacity and advocate for equal and affordable childcare, supporting a family-centered workforce. The coalition has set goals to promote educational opportunities for childcare providers, increase provider numbers, explore new childcare facility locations, and partner with local businesses for investment. Monthly meetings are planned to discuss progress and gather ideas. Stakeholders from various sectors, including education, advocacy, and local businesses, are actively involved in uplifting the community through this initiative.

Please participate in our survey to guide our innovative work. Your honest responses will help BELN develop intentional, family-focused programming. We’ll collaborate with Ravalli Child Care Providers and businesses to enhance family and economic well-being in the county.


Survey No. 01

Community Survey

…Montana’s economy loses more than $230 million each year due to inadequate child care, families lose $145 million in lost wages and businesses lose $55 million from lower worker productivity.

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